It is a great honor and privilege for me to greet you as the chair of IPC.
I would like to invite you to participate in the IFAC Bio-Robotics Conference 2013, Sakai, Japan. IFAC Bio-Robotics Conference 2013 showcases automation, robotics, information technology, and intelligent controls used in bioproduction systems. The previous workshops were held in Gandia, Spain (1997), Sakai, Japan (2000), Sapporo, Japan(2006), Champaign, Illinois, USA (2009). In 2013, the Bio-Robotics Meeting will return to Sakai, Japan and become the first conference of Bio-Robotics. The city of Sakai where our conference will be held also welcomes all of you participants. Sakai has been a major part of Japan's economic and cultural identity throughout the country's history.
In ancient times, a local suburb, Mozu, was chosen as the site for a necropolis featuring the Nintoku-tennou-ryo Kofun and others.

This conference is open to researchers and engineers from all over the world.
The intent of the organizers is that participants will exchange information about trends in fundamental robotic technologies including highly automated plant factories and highlight the use of robotic equipment for food, fiber, and fuel production on open-field farming, in environmentally controlled greenhouse facilities, postharvest processing plants, and space-based environments.

Participants will have the chance to visit the world largest research institute of fully controlled artificial light type plant factory located in Osaka prefecture University, Sakai during the event of the post congress tour.

Haruhiko Murase IPC Chair
Osaka Prefecture University